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July 30, 2012 5:39 am

Obscure Private Press LP by a man by the name of Tom Cameron.  It not only rules, but  he’s playing synths with his brain to push it over the edge.  From Matrixsynth Tom Cameron is quoted: 

"What I think might be of most interest is what I was doing in the performance and how I was controlling the synthesizers. There is a white headband that I am wearing which contains three electrodes which are monitoring my brain waves using a biofeedback machine. This biofeedback monitor would register a small voltage pulse each time that I could successfully maintain a relatively steady alpha state. The brain biofeedback monitor is then connected to an optical interface. This allows me to use the feedback voltage to control the synthesizers without the risk of a ground loop frying my brain. The control voltage of about five volts was then used to control the pitch and filters of the EML 101 and also advance step by step the sequencer on the EML 4004/401. The result was that I could control and play the synthesizers with brain waves alone.

OK, so I couldn’t play “Mary Had A Little Lamb” but I did create synthesizer sounds by just thinking about them. I thought that this was pretty cool but not many people understood it at the time. They were two young kids that did get it. They bought a few balloons and sneaked up behind my lawn chair and popped the balloons. As I have a slow shock response nothing happened but about ten minutes later a yellow jacket (I hate yellow jackets) came buzzing around my head and the synthesizers went crazy…” 

made even wilder by my run in with a yellow jacket yesterday, a battle that lasted over an hour and left me in a hysteric state of depression and anxiety.

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